Take Action

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who believes we should expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and lower prescription drug prices, we need YOU to take action TODAY!
Whether you sign a petition, call your members of Congress, join us for a protest or donate, your effort is what will produce the economic justice we all seek to experience.
We look forward to your support!

Social Security Expansion and the U.S. Congress

Bills Introduced in the 115th Congress to Expand Social Security Bill Name   Changes to Social Security Lifts the cap CPI-E Extends Solvency Other Benefits Increases Social Security Expansion Act S. 427 & H.R. 1114         Sen. … Continue reading

SSSC Letter in Opposition to Tom Price for HHS

Strengthen Social Security Coalition Letter opposing Rep. Tom Price’s nomination to Secretary of Health and Human Services. Full text: Dear Senator: The Strengthen Social Security Coalition is a broad-based alliance of over 350 national and statewide organizations, including women’s, labor, … Continue reading